Bernhard's Five Golden Rules

In his keynote speech Bernhard gives his audience this ultimate guideline to a more creative way of doing business:


1. Rediscover your Childhood Creativity 

As a child we were used to being creative because we wouldn't have managed our everyday-challenges and -lessions. In his keynote Bernhard will take you on a little imaginative trip to your childhood.

2. Think in Different Directions

What sounds like a worn-out marketing phrase is quite helpful if you actually do it! So switch off your autopilot, break patterns and change your perspective! You will find ideas and solutions for your business challenges. Thinking backwards is a playful lesson that Bernhard will teach you to kick-start your lateral thinking skills. 


3. Look Back from a Future Point of View

The power of imagination will help you to reach your goals. Visualize a future goal and assume that you already reached it. Now start thinking backwards to “remember” what you actually did to achieve that goal. Bernhard will talk about this method of innovation and future creation. 

4. Do Something Unique and Surprise Others

Uniqueness makes you and your business special when your actions serve your brand. Bernhard is the living proof. As a child Bernhard knew that his backwards speaking and singing helped him to stand out from the crowd without having to fight for attention. And today he inspires his audiences to find and engage an extraordinary talent. 

5. Stick to Your Passion and Follow the FFLOW

Passion is a driver for entrepreneurship. Even if your passion seems useless in the first place – stick to it. Passion is an ingredient for flow, the most creative mental modus. And by the way: What is Wolff spelled backwards?