Childhood Memories

Bernhard was born in northern Germany, in a small town called Stockelsdorf. People from the north are known for their quiet nature, so it is surprising that Bernhard developed a fascination for verbal experiments. But once he discovered he could speak backwards, the rest, as they say, is history.

Bernhard grew up in a large family and learned at a young age that he would have to speak up to be heard. Unlike his parents, who worked with their hands, Bernhard discovered his talents were firmly planted in the world of words. 

My childhood revelation was when I realized that I had the talent to speak backwards!
— Bernhard Wolff

Different Directions

Before jumping into the world of creative speaking, Bernhard worked as a copywriter for an advertising agency and finished is study with a degree in Business Pedagogy at the University of Hamburg. Also, he took the course “Strategic Innovation and Future Creation” with the renowned creativity guru Edward de Bono at the University of Malta.

More than a Creativity Expert

Bernhard is a successful entrepreneur. In 1999, he founded the event agency Wolff trifft Jaeger (the literal translation: Wolff meets Hunter) and a few years later Think Theatre, where he has established a stellar reputation as a service provider for intelligent entertainment and received an EVA Creative Award in 2007 (the Oscar of the event industry in Germany).

Looking back

During his years of training and study, Bernhard’s passion for entertainment grew.  He performed with “Plebsbuettel Comedy” which received first prize at the FISM 1994 World Championship of Magic in Yokohama and as a presenter with Think Theatre in the show “Comedy with Savvy”. In 2005, Bernhard developed a solo act "Thinking Helps", and he has appeared in numerous TV shows in Europe, performing his act as backwards speaker.

Something Unique

Bernhard used his years of experience as a creative thinker and provider of new ideas to develop his most requested first keynote speech, Passionate About Ideas: Think Innovative. He has been named one of the Top 100 Speakers in Germany every year since 2007 and is an active member of the German Speakers Association (GSA). Bernhard’s unique talent of speaking backwards is one that you will not see anywhere except in his audiences.  Think speaking backward in German is difficult? He has mastered speaking backwards in English as well.

Passion to Share his Knowledge

Bernhard is a lecturer at the Steinbeis University in Berlin, and guest lecturer at the University of Potsdam’s Hasso Plattner Institute for “Creation and Innovation”.

Bernhard is married and lives in Berlin with his wife and their daughter.